The Pentagon promises to use artificial intelligence for good, not evil

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  1. dan.w says:

    It was great to see Dr.Jeff take truth out for all to hear.He is 100% correct on everything he said.People are fed up and P.Oed.We ARE taking our country back.Big government…you have been warned and put on notice.Same go’s for the DEEP STATE.We ARE coming for you before you come for us.Enough said.

  2. Linn says:

    Great articles; thank you! I’m a little concerned that Trump is now calling this Virus a “disease”, and he wants a vaccine for it. I’ve seen so many Doctors speaking out against this lockdown and wearing masks for this VIRUS. They say that America needs to open up immediately with No Restrictions! Here in WA State, the governor is doing a total power grab. He’s hiring thousands of “testing and tracking” workers to test everyone. If someone tests positive, they’ll be removed from their home so that they don’t infect others. Almost everyone will test positive since the common cold and flu have corona virus in them…so if you’ve ever had them, you’ll test positive. This is all about ID2020 and keeping liberal states shut down till the election in November (so they can win the Presidency thru mail in ballots). They are truly throwing out our Constitution and creating a Police state. We’ve demonstrated peacefully, without success. The liberal governors have been promised lots of $ if they keep the panic up and their states shut down till November. It’s like a MUTINY! I wish Trump would use his power to force these liberal governors to uphold our Constitution. I have to keep remembering GOD. He is in control! And I still see reports of Many people being saved right now! When I remember that and put my mind on Things Above, then the peace of God guards my heart and mind in Christ Jesus. And How Sweet it is! Lets run our race to Win…let the Word of Christ richly dwell within us and let the Peace of Christ rule in our hearts! ( Colossians 3) Look up Saints, we’re almost Home! Linn

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      Thanks for sharing this information. You fully understand what is happening. They are trying
      to take down America right before our eyes.

  3. dan.w says:

    All the ‘pieces of the machine’are already here.The globalists,i.e.Fauci,Birx,Soro’s,Gates,The clintons/bush’s,etc,all want us to ‘crash’.Watch the video Plandemic to see how crooked and far reaching this is.Pray that president Trump gets clued in on the NWO crowd in his midst…left there to set him up and take him/us down.There are REAL doctors and real scientists who totally refute every sham protocal we were made to believe as truth..i.e. masks,social distance,stay at home and so on.There are natural or time worn cures which brother John has mentioned.The ‘they’ crowd wants to keep us not working and shut down to level our economy..because they have the ‘solution'[communism], world leader,economy/religion/political system already waiting eagerly…and those of us who buck them…they will try to marginalize and eliminate.Gates has said just that.Look up his quotes on population control,[read kill],through vaccines,healthcare,science,education,food.Our supposed ‘cure’ is going to kill far more than the virus when you factor in all the collateral and unreversable damage we are doing to try and fix this.We need faith not fear,and herd immunity should be the protocal,not vaccines filled with poison,fetal baby parts,and carcinogens.There are GOOD people out there who refuse this antichrist system being foisted on us.THROW OFF YOUR SHACKLES people.You have GOD GIVEN rights..and the constitution on your side.Don’t lay there waiting for them to slay you.Protest peacefully/forcefully with true law justice and common sense on your side.The evil ones ARE coming for us.If we get to them first..perhaps we can defang them and shut them down.Get good info out there and expose them.God bless.