The Real Reason the British Left is Protesting Trump

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  1. danw says:

    The E.U. is as Trump say’s..a foe in many way’s.England and the U.S.are in post Christian mode.We see how trying to do anything Godly or patriotic or lawful bring’s the crazie’s out in force.They rebel..because they ARE rebel’s.The whole Russia thing is largely a diversion tactic egged on by the dem’s/commie’s.Trump see’s that for what it is…he is no one’s fool.The left is playing checker’s..Trump is light year’s ahead of them in every way that is good.This is also working in the prez favor as it flushes out the rhino’s like McCain,Ryan,and other’s.Brennan is a muslim so his word is not to be trusted national security wise.Get rid of all the Clinton/Bush/Barry holdover’s.God Bless you Mr.President…Great job.