The Special Sin

3 Responses

  1. dan.w says:

    I find it funny/sad…that the loonies want to ‘save the world’..they just don’t want people to live in it.Creature worshippers..the lot of them.[Romans 1 fools]. On a quisitive note…If you put a veggie burger and a fake meat pattie together…can they just get along? Bill Gates needs to be ‘fed’ his own medicine and fake food.Thatl lern him.Ifigured if we are now a lawless nation..spell check is meaningless.God bless all you out there.

  2. Dewey W Whitworth says:

    Concerning MO and his flight to Jerusalem, IT WAS A DREAM Mo had, check it out !!!!

  3. Dewey W Whitworth says:

    Max is very short on Bible smarts, do we remember when Jesus cut the pharisees to the quick when He said to them ” How shall you escape the damnation of Hell ” in the gospels ? I do, and other things he said to them.