The Vigilante From South Bend

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  1. dan.w says:

    Today I was ‘out of town’ with ‘the wife’…We were looking at a new car for her.She currently drive’s a 92 that has only 350,000 miles on it I keep it on the road,[actually,Jesus doe’s]…so the ‘new car’ is a 95 with only 207,000 on it.SEE..told you it was new!!, a filling station,she meander’s off…there are two young ‘gent’s’ at the counter.A handmade cookie display for Easter is front and center…One pick’s up the cookie,shaped like a Cross,mock’s with his friend,then turn’s it upside down and put’s it in the display box that way..and laugh’s…It broke my heart….I knew there was not a word that could be fitly spoken here…but..the young man behind the counter got my take on it as the other’s left I said to him..I’ll take this cookie..[.I was on a self destruct mode…but this Cross saved me ].He replied he ‘was a church goin’guy but had to work sunday’s..I said..It’s all in here,every I pointed to my heart…I think he got the message….Please pray for the two mocker’s..who,for all intent’s and purpose’s..could have been us a long time ago….