Ticking Time Bomb: California Nuclear Plants Are Lined Up Along the San Andreas Fault

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  1. dan.w says:

    It is not ‘happenstance’ that the fault line and the plants are in close proximity.The Lord see’s the foolishness of men,even very smart,highly educated one’s.They are smart enough to ‘science us’ out of a bad fix..but the ‘fix’ of sin and it’s penaltie’s fall’s on deaf ivy league ear’s.That is why maybe you or I could not build a power plant with our skill set…but we have surrendered to the King of King’s…He is our wisdom…I would rather be a fool in the eye’s of lost man..than to be a fool to God.

  2. dan.w says:

    For anyone with their ]spiritual eye’s’ to see]….I see a potential for a ‘race war’ in the offing.It is planned by the one worlder’s..pushed like a drug on us by the liar stream media..relentlessly may I ad…and like all mindess ‘bot commie/Godhater/lib’s…jackboot thugged into our conscience daily.Honestly,I believe our president know’s what he is up against..but has a difficult time articulating it in spiritual term’s.He is,in my view,correct about his concern’s..we are against communism and the like.But how do you make his,[our] case to a largely unsaved public who alway’s vote the easy way out..[what’s in it for me mentality].Free stuff alway’s cost someone else something.We are in ww3,or for the soul of our country.This could turn very ugly in a year or less unless God put’s a halt to it.

  3. dan.w says:

    I Amen that,brother John.Like you,I just ‘show up’ and watch God work.We fish for the soul’s of men because Jesus said He would make us fisher’s of men.We take His call seriously and at every opportunity…make Christ known to a lost world.God get’s all the glory..It’s His perfect work..start to finish.I’m so blessed that you have this ministry.It has been incredible what the Lord has done through it and you.One day..perhap’s soon..we will look the Lord straight in the eye..with no shame.What a wonderful day it will be.Thank you for staying the course and being totally faithful and a great inspiration brother….