Trump Relocating the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem Could Upturn Global Foreign Policy

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  1. danw says:

    I can personally testify to the ‘Trump Syndrome’ at work on the liberal i.e.God hating psyche.Recently,at an inlaws house..we were celebrating a ‘late’ Christmas,suffice to say,delusional discontent and angry ramblings were heard to ’eminate’ from the anterior orifices around the frontal area’s of said sad sacks.I was talking to my son and son inlaw, while this was transpiring.I must say…it was a grand day indeed.Christmas was as brother John said.I do believe in real miracles….Thank you Jesus.Father God…Please continue to ‘smoke em out’.It’s the God haters turn to feel odd..[as they should],and ashamed..and beaten and defeated.Maybe,just maybe…there is Salvation in it for them.