Trump targets anti-Semitism, boycotts against Israel on college campuses

Marchers against Israeli actions walk from the Carnegie Mellon University campus in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, July 26, 2006. The group called for an end to the occupation of Palestine and the immediate withdrawal of Israeli troops in Lebanon. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

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  1. dan.w says:

    Father God..please pull the blinder’s off the ‘lukewarm church’.Wake em up Lord.Also,please break the heart’s of the Sodomite’s and show them their NEED of You.It is truly late,and they need You as we do.You are bigger than their sin.If I can be saved,may there be hope for them.Show them that they are in a dead end..but Jesus made a way of escape from Hell…for them if they repent and turn to You.

  2. dan.w says:

    Father God…please honor the ministry You have entrusted brother John with…Increase it and make it grow..with many multitudes coming to Christ.Protect and grow the new believer’s and use them to further Your Gospel as well,Amen.

  3. dan.w says:

    It’s an honor to be your brother…one of many.God bless you as well John.