Trump’s Acting Director of National Intelligence: ‘Being Gay Makes Me a Better Christian

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  1. dan.w says:

    Father God…please open the presidents eye’s on homosexuality.It is not only a ‘blind spot’,but worse a chink in our armor.The Lord will not bless evil,and may show His displeasure in the area this ‘man’ is taking….and that could bode ‘not well’ for us.Whoever told this person being ‘gay’ makes you better at anything…is at odd’s with truth,and the author of truth..Jesus.The whole of Scripture points to Jesus.He is merciful to those who need it,but only judgment awaits the unrepentant rebel.If this man got ‘christianity’ was a false one.Pray for him and his ‘friend’.

    • A Keen Observer says:

      Exactly, Isaiah 5:20 comes to mind–includes US President’s part. Not only is he, Grenell, stating his deceived opinion, he puts forth the wrong idea that the rest of us have somehow misconstrued the true intent of “the original Greek language”. Not very “bright” for the acting national INTELLIGENCE director and his thinking certainly doesn’t inspire confidence.

  2. dan.w says:

    I still see this virus/economy thing as engineered.The timing is suspect,among other things.This,[to me] appears to be a slow motion train wreck…that may take a little time to work out…but,like a train is big and with it’s momentum..hard to stop.I see satans grubby prints all over this.Why do I say that?His mode of operation,..or [currency] if you fear.His objective is to accelerate the globalist agenda via public ignorance and unfounded fears.I am NOT saying these fears do not appear on the outside genuine,but cleverly set up for such a time as now.We should bring every thing to the Lord..and realize it all must pass through [His screen].We as believers should operate in faith…faith that no matter the outcome,the Lord is above it all.The worst time to make big decisions is when you are sick,tired,angry,or hurt.The Lord is the calm in the boat on a stormy sea.Pray for our president..though not perfect..we aren’t either..that he makes the right call in every circumstance.Many nations can see us and are chomping at the bit to see us fall.Christians,the president,and our republic stand in the way.OUR prayers may be the only thing that stops a domino effect of our nation falling without ever getting up again…this is almost like a ‘dress rehersal’..for some great figure of a man to step forward and solve all our problems……

  3. dan.w says:

    As re; yesterdays post by me…I believe the globalists are the bigger fish,than the tools used after.. that could be communism/socialism,marxism,secularism,etc.Before the ‘isms’…we ALWAYS had a conspiracy.It is not crazy talk.At the ‘garden’ it was seen as usurping God’s command,by listening instead to the woman,who also listened to the serpent.Before that,in Heaven,the prideful,willful one wanted to be above God,or to take His place.These ARE real conspiracies…that never stopped or were cancelled…When one tries to dismiss a conspiracy,they need to follow it all the way back to the beginning…and do the research…from the Bible.It is move,counter move.God vs the evil one.It continues today.The true fix is when God gets a hold of a mans heart,via Jesus Christ.Anything less is in the end temporal..and foolish and vain fruit picking .Am I saying don’t try and stop the ‘isms’…ABSOLUTELY NOT.But lets not forget why God left us here.How many of us got sidelined from witnessing about a call that was not that?We can do both…but lets not forget the greatest thing.God bless all of you.

  4. dan.w says:

    Conspiracies…People do it,..satan as well.Psalm 2 is yet in the future.Its theme….Conspiracy.The Bilderburgs/Soros,..they are just one of many levels…Jesuits,Masons,..the same…There is no shortage of conspiracies…Why?..Because they are real..and their purpose is to in some way dethrone God.The NWO is real,..Globalists are real.They don’t win in the end..but its not because they aren’t trying.Why,in my opinion are they trying to remove our president,when its worldwide?..They,[the globalists] don’t mind people dying for this cause…or crashing the’s in their own interest to do so….ask Prince Philip..who one stated if he could come back again..He would like to be a killer virus so he could wipe out many people… globalism at its finest…or the Georgia guidestones…which have emblazened on them about reducing the worlds population,or,how about now deceased Jaques Coustau..sorry about the spelling…I’m not french…who always talked about culling the human population.Conspiracies…the whole lot…

  5. dan.w says:

    With each passing day,I gather and sift ALL the info I can.This is how I sift this one.Who is the messenger,or messengers?…What is the message?,What result is seen?…This all together leaves me suspect.The messengers are for the most part..the mainstream media.The message is Corona virus…non stop 24/7….The results I see are fear,panic,hording,shortages,economic instability.I for one NEVER trust the mainstream media.They are the mouthpieces of globalists and satan himself.The message instills fear,not faith.When people operate out of fear,they make decisions they never would otherwise.The enemy is trying to herd mentality us like you would herd cattle.The outcome I see is the globalists hate Trump..they never hid this fact.They have never let up on him,even before his election.They have NEVER been silent about their opposition to him,or about trying to unseat him.This is their ‘ramp up’ attack on him via fear,confusion,and trying to make the economy falter,to counter his claim of a great economy.They want this stink of a plan to stick to him because they have nothing on him to remove him with.This is one more fabricated piece of satan garbage hurled his way in hopes of bringing him down.Now,he,[Trump] has to declare a health emergency so he won’t appear to care less about this.It is a manufacture crisis…right from the start.I hope and pray he see’s his for what it really is… more ‘trick’ from the evil one…I hope and pray he gets 4 more years.