Uncovering Corruption in Perry County, Pennsylvania Part 3 (Letters of Condemnation)

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  1. dan.w says:


  2. dan.w says:

    In the work I do,most of my customers are elderly,or at least older than myself.I believe the Lord has placed me in their lives at this point to,[like you],make sure they know the real Jesus before they pass off the scene.Unfortunately,satan is busy too,trying to keep them from hearing the truth.I will continue to pray that the walls blocking you in your ministry to them will fall down.They need to hear a clear presentation of Christ,It may be the first or last time for them to hear about Jesus and His power to save.God bless you John in your efforts to see that Heaven will be their final home.Lord God..please clear the way for brother John to minister to Your flock,Amen.

  3. charles allan says:

    Hardly anyone in America’s governmental administrations seems to follow the laws of this country including the lawmakers and police . Lies and obfuscation are what you see. Child
    kidnapping on medical grounds is an even more lawless area.

    When these opponents of the words of the King of creation realise what they have done it will
    be too late for them and they ” will weep and gnash their teeth ” when they are hell and there is no way out – forever .