United Nations urges US to ‘ensure’ abortion rights, slams passage of statewide bans

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  1. dan.w says:

    When a pregnant woman comes in for an abortion…Two things happen…Usually the woman walks out,alive…the other ‘person’…is carried out dead.We should..excuse my french…be damn ashamed of ourselves for letting this grievous murder,and the acceptance and promotion of it happen here..on our watch.It is NOT the morally superior,[read liberal/commie/Godhater] that will stop this…It is up to us
    to be outraged in a Godly fashion to put a complete and final stop to it.God WILL visit this sin of child murder/sacrifice to molech.He WILL fold up and throw away any country that embraces this travesty.When one touches/harms a little one..HE TAKES NOTE…..He warned us.If we stand or fall is now up to us.People…Pray these wicked ones out of power and influence…If we don’t.we fail.