UPDATE: Shots Fired at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida after Black SUV Breaches Checkpoints — Hannah Roemhild — UNHINGED BERNIE SUPPORTER!

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  1. dan.w says:

    I agree the ‘left’ is unhinged.They are NOT democrats..but rather..satans mouthpieces and shills.They stand opposed at every turn to God,His Christ..and Truth/Righteousness.At a restaurant I frequent…There are some who,like me,love the Lord..however,in that ‘mix’ of people..there are some really virulent God haters.Their stare has that kill look in it.When I see that..I say what God has me say,or I steer clear..as satans death-bots have NO conscience whatsoever..and NO off switch.I don’t fear them…but common sense,[of which they posses NONE]..says…do not engage them.This is NOT the hill to die on.I would gladly lay my life down for my Lord…but not for nothing,or the stupid peons who spout garbage…looking to ‘slay’ one of us who trust the Savior.Folks..the spiritual battle is REAL!! and we are living in the midst of it.Follow the Lord closely…and deny the flesh..walking in the Spirit.Pray up people..these are dangerous times..and we must ask God for wisdom,then act on it.

  2. dan.w says:

    Part of the evil one’s plan..is for us to fight each other.That would ring true ;A house divided against itself cannot stand..and who knows Scripture well enough to see us destroy ourselves by it’s truth…Isn’t it like satan..to use our freedoms against us to try to take us down.Who know’s this playbook?,and to whom is it entrusted?The commie’s/socialists/marxist.The God hater’s,the sodomite,the reprobate.How can this ‘playbook succeed?’…by us……doing nothing,or worse yet…by us not consulting God and seeking His Wisdom..and asking Him to fight this battle.He will use us,if need be…but only when we totally surrender to His will.It may be step by step,moment by moment…a total faith walk.Can we do this????Can we afford not to……..We can ‘Stand,and see the Salvation of the Lord!’…or we can fall to our own foolishness.Our choice.What I believe we are witnessing firsthand..is a full frontal,total attempted takedown of our republic.The enemy is entrenched deep in our midst.Only god can root him,[it] out.

  3. dan.w says:

    God…with a capital ‘G’..of course…….

  4. dan.w says:

    Well..looks like Iowa has some winners….A pretend indian,comrad Bernie…Old Joe…the ‘babysitter’…and Pete who says he cut his teeth on a branding iron…Oops..that last part was from ‘FURY’….Pete is [supposed] to be the ‘wife’………REALLY!….sure glad his,her ,it’s, husband lets him,her ,it run……I need a scorecard…….C’mon president Trump…2020…all over them.