URGENT: Antifa Preparing For War With America November 4

2 Responses

  1. danw says:

    Unless the Lord intervene’s..we are toast.The ‘deep state’ has the upper hand,and it’s as if Trump is there in name only.His good people are being removed while obamanites/and clintonians are kept.What’s going on here?Who ever Trump’s advisor’s are need to be ousted.McMuffin,I mean Mc mister need’s to go.Bannon should have stayed.The Rhino’s and the left are lockstep against Trump.If you could pull back the ‘spiritual curtain’ and see the array of evil,it would scare you out of your sock’s.Father God,we need a breakthrough.If we are destined for judgment,don’t let us crawl off the alter…as it were.If we can have mercy and more time,give us the wisdom to use it and the smart’s on what to do next.As I said in previous post’s…if the enemy think’s I will lie down and be a ‘victim’…think again.I will not submit to islam,the left or any false narrative.I will not take a mark,I will not deny my Lord.I can drop someone like a stone if need be,and still operate according to Scripture.Self defense is an option.God bless all of you.

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