Urgent: Contact Senator Booker about Attacking Christianity

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  1. danw says:

    We are at this point in the fight for our God given rights in part because we have exchanged being on a ‘church roll’,rather than having our names written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.Pew’s don’t make one holy,and brick and mortar have their place,but is not flesh.We went from being Church,….to having church…and almost no one noticed.Now…we have marxist/communist/leftie progressive racebaiters locking arms with the sexual perverse and muslims….They all have one thing in common…actually,two…They hate God and His Christ,[our Savior]..and since they cannot touch God…guess who they want? Christian…Now is the time to stand.Keeping [your religion] inside church doors and not sharing it with the culture got us here.If the lost never heard about the real Jesus and why He came..[TO SAVE SINNERS]..from us,there is a good chance they never heard it else where.Preach the Word….and…keep your powder dry…God bless.

  2. GARY CANANT says:

    Check this out Bro John.

    My comment on this article was, “Thank you Bill Gates, you just proved the 100% accuracy of the HOLY BIBLE