URGENT: Hamas, Islamic Jihad: ‘We’re close to open war with Israel

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  1. dan.w says:

    Father God..please protect Israel,and the U.S.Give us in both nation’s..a new heart toward’s you Lord.Help us to honor You with our heart’s and total being…not just with our lip’s.Make us faithful in Your eye’s..and make us faithful witnesses to a lost and dying world.Go before us and let us walk behind You in Your footstep’s as we declare by Your strength..The Gospel of Peace to all who would receive Your gift of Love…Jesus…Also..put on notice..those who mock You.Tell them …time is up.Thank You Lord God,our Father..for being merciful to us who were once..very far away from You.Make us a sweet savor to those who would say yes to You,Amen.

  2. Jackie says:


    The attached is from a Jewish Christian pastor by the name of Amir Tsarfati. His home overlooks MegiddoI. I believe He continues as a major in the IDF Reserve. I have listened to him for years and his Middle East updates about what is going on in Israel to Israel are great. This one has great information


    Middle East Update https://beholdisrael.org/middle-east-update-may5-2019/