We love God’: President Trump Addresses National Prayer Breakfast

3 Responses

  1. danw says:

    God bless you,Mr.President…I’m not ashamed to call you my president.You have a tough uphill road ahead…but as you follow the Lord..He will straighten your path and guide you.I personally believe you were raised up for this hour and time in history by God and His merciful grace.He,[The Lord],heard the cries of His people..and perhaps we have a small window of time to get serious with the Lord and be about the business,NOT busy-ness..He has given to us lo 2,000 yrs. ago,but which,sadly most of the ‘church’ has not heeded…That is preaching the Word to a lost/dying world.We have left our first love,our ‘salt’ has become tainted with the dust of the world,[worldliness],which has rendered us impotent if not ineffective.We need to come clean before God,repent,and each do what the Lord has set before us.This is a warning from the Lord,a serious rebuke to back sliders,and a wake up call to a sleepy,almost comatose last days church….and an encouragement to the remnant.God bless each of you as you walk in Christ’s footsteps.May He bless ever breath you breathe,Amen.

  2. Brendon says:

    Question: Could Gog/Magog and Psalm 83 occur at the same time? Israel could be living in “peace” when her neighbors decide to wipe her off the map. At the same time, Russia could seize the opportunity to invade with her allies.