White Women Who Vote Republican Embrace ‘Racist Sadism’

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  1. dan.w says:

    We ARE in a civil war.If the Church dosn’t see it..then they are the only one.The commie’s know it,islam know’s it.If we wait until blood roll’s down the street,the war will have been in progress for quite a while.Hey!!Wake up Church.

  2. dan.w says:

    It’s the fourth quarter…3 minutes left in the game.We are 1,the other team at 12….the ‘game’ is almost over…meanwhile,on the bench is most of the team..Somehow,they didn’t even notice they were playing..The other team knew,and took advantage of the fact that most of the other team was ‘asleep’…No one else said anything.The team that has [1]..has fought long and hard with almost no help to get where they are.They are so focused on ‘the game’,they just kept fighting…..If the team that has[1]…loses…..would anyone know why….Oh,I forgot to mention.The 54,000 people in the stand’s…53,990 of them are helping the the team with [12],any way they can…even though,technically they are not in [the game’……] Moral of the story…Oil in your lamp.

  3. bonnie anderson says:

    Moira Donegan, a white woman, “What is wrong with white women?” I didn’t know there was anything wrong with us Republican white women. Could it be that we could not vote for that white woman Hillary Clinton, a God hater same as Moira Donegan?