Who’s a Jew? Trump Admin Redefines Jewishness, Breaks Obama Stonewall on the Rutgers Case

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  1. dan.w says:

    Father God…please bless the Jew’s.I stand with God as He stand’s with the Jewish people.We can do a lot wrong,not that that is right,but get this one wrong,and it will not go well for us.I believe the Lord hold’s a special place for those who love the Jews…and no..silly,it’s not purgatory…truly,truly…heard that before??In all reality,the one who blesses the Jew,in fact blesses himself,or better put,is in fact blessed by God.You cannot escape that truth.The Jewish people have given us so much.Best of all is their faithful record keeping to make sure the Word of God arrived to us,as it was intended…pure.Open their eye’s,dear Lord..let them see Your mercy and Grace and tender care for them…Let them see Our Savior,theirs and our’s,Amen.