Young Americans Turning to the Occult

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  1. danw says:

    I agree that paganism is on the increase.It has been around for a long time,and it,with all of the religion’s are destined for the trash heap.True Christianity is not a religion..but a person who is none other than Jesus.Religion on it’s face relies upon work’s…and work’s has it’s place.Jesus did the only true work that can save us.He didn’t die to save Himself,but He died to save us.We all have to come to Him for salvation.If we say we are this or that denomination,that is just an identifier or name.But we have a name above every other name.Jesus.If you have not yet met Jesus as your Lord and Savior,I invite you to do so even right now.Ask Him to forgive and save you.He will if only you ask Him.