AG Sessions orders examination of Bundy case after mistrial over prosecution bungling

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  1. danw says:

    Father God..please continue to pull the covers off of the deep state creatures,so they may be forced out into the sunlight to dry out and rot,like a beached carp in the noon day sun.I pray that our president considers the EMP threats from above by N.K.,and other nations,as he postures,plans,acts out his next move.Kim is a rabid dog and should be handled as such,anything less would be to our detriment.Father God,please stop any plans that would keep Mr.Trump from doing Your will,thank You for Your mercies…too many to count,Amen.

  2. danw says:

    God bless you brother John…Merry Christmas.

  3. S. Yoder says:

    You always find the most meaningful issues of our day. Your discernment in your commentary is top notch. Very interesting to think about. God has blessed you in that area. Thanks for your steadfast service to God.