Bachmann: Islam has transformed my state, Minnesota

3 Responses

  1. danw says:

    The globalist’s plan is reaching it’s conclusion.First was the cry ‘the world cannot sustain an ever increasing birth rate…so,like fools most every nation set limit’s on birth rate’s,made abortion a palatable,[in their view’ option]…Like the lie of global warming which is followed by a new ice age..which is now called climate change…the overpopulation farce is now called..resettlement of refugee’s.They claim we need them because we are not replacing ourselve’s fast enough to replace the die off’ we can have worker’s for job’s.Can you see the out right lie’s and social engineering to bring us to our knee’s before a one world global mind?…What is really neat in my view is how they think it’s their idea…when all along it’s God’s plan to rebellious mankind.Prophecy is being fulfilled.

  2. Elinor Rector-Barnes says:

    Yes, it’s all rather frightening to realize what’s going on; but We look to the Lord Jesus Who will be with us and rescue us just in time. The Jews failed, and the Church has failed, yet We have the Bible and the Holy Spirit! God have mercy! I believe that Geo. Washington had a vision of the nation being attacked and bombed, if We departed from God and the Constitution. ..Here in So Calif, the Muslims and
    Mexicans talk freely in their own language, with their own culture…WE are cursed. Keep The Faith!!

  3. danw says:

    Very recently a company here in Wisconsin has been ‘having a chipping party’….that is…microchipping it’s employeee’s….and you should see the smile’s.Seem’s like the masses have been groomed well enough to not even fear something resembling ‘THE MARK’……oooh….now I can buy goodie’s with a magical wave of my hand!!!!ooooooh.