Bernie Sanders Vows to Go to ‘War with White Nationalism and Racism as President

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  1. dan.w says:

    Thank You..Father God..for putting Trump in office.Does he misspeak…sure,..Is he rough round the edges…yep.But…He is NOT a politician,and I thank You for that.You Lord raise up and dispose of kings and leaders.You can use anyone,even a donkey or a democrat…for Your purposes.Even the devil does Your bidding thinking he has outsmarted You.You can turn evil into good in the end.I pray Your perfect will and ways in all things in Christ and His Great Name,Amen.

  2. Chris says:

    How anyone can support Trump especially Christians is beyond me. He calls people names he disagrees with. Look at how he treats refugees and foreigners from other countries. Didn’t Jesus say something about name calling and how he expects us to treat strangers? How many times has Trump lied ? How many times are people going to turn a blind eye to his racism ? And his most recent statement ” I am the choosen one” which he lied about saying he smiled and was kidding. I would be leery about calling myself a white nationalists without understanding the definition of one. David Duke a white supremacist also calls himself a white nationalists too. Unfortunately I voted for Trump last election, won’t be supporting anyone in the next one.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      As I read your comment, it is clear that you have diarrhea of the mouth. Please never post here again.

  3. dan.w says:

    Sorry Bernie..You may be jewish by lineage..but not by the new birth.People..pray for this man.You need a new heart.Only Jesus ‘The Messiah’ can give it to you,via the Holy Spirit.As long as there is breath…there is hope.Just because I don’t think he will be saved means absolutely nothing in God’s economy.The Lord chooses whom He will,not based on our opinions.I thank God for that.He,[The Lord] saved me in 1987 when I wasn’t even looking for Him.If He can save me,who am I to say Bernie is out of reach.I implore You Lord Jesus…touch Bernies heart and make Yourself unavoidable and irresistable to him,Amen.

  4. dan.w says:

    For Chris….my reply would be ..nobody would win the presidency in America if he was perceived as a ‘Christian’…We ‘elected’ a president..not a priest or a prophet.While he,[Trump’ may be very rough around the between as well……].name anyone who loves this country more…he is NOT taking a paycheck as well.He loves Israel,and is pro-life,not in word only.I wouldn’t want to be handcuffed to him when the Lord calls him home some day,as He will all of us.I wouldn’t want to be cuffed to you either.If you could do a better job than Trump….do it. God bless all you saints…to the ‘other guys’…God IS watching you…..