‘Beyond Tolerance’: The Delusional Ideologies of Obama, Clinton and Trudeau

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  1. edwitness says:

    John and George,
    In your opening statement for this article you said, “They are following an agenda which we’ve seen spelled out in the Bible for the final days, because their ultimate goal is to bring in the one-world rule of the antichrist. And Christian civilization stands in their way.”

    That is exactly right and is the biblical teaching that should compel the Christian to believe that the church is the “he who letteth”(restrainer) spoken of by Paul in 2Thes.2:7. The one who must be out of the way for the AC to come to power and be revealed to the world.

    This is another evidence for the pre trib rapture of the church.


  2. Dan.w says:

    Ben Stein is great,a very sharp man.As far as is it delusional or planned destruction of Christianity…it is not one or the other,but both.God sent them a strong delusion to believe a lie,because they said no to the truth..and God haters hate Christ followers and those who seem like Christians.Islam to pagans sound like ‘peace’ because the truth that it is submission is something they cannot hear because of spiritual blindness.The libs and God haters are not interested in truth because it interferes with their already made up mind,or lack of it.Truth does not fit their ‘narrative’,so they reject it,no matter how much real evidence is presented to the contrary.Common sense finds no home in the reprobate mind.We cannot be far away from Christ coming for us,but that doesn’t mean we won’t see a lot more nasty stuff while we are here.May Jesus keep you close to Himself as the world does a slow motion unravel.