Bible reading by Republican spurs GOP walkout Lawmakers hurl F-bomb, flee meeting when scripture quoted in LGBT vote

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  1. sage_brush says:

    We were blessed to have a missionary from Brazil visit our church this morning. It was incredible testimony. She also works with a committee to translate A Beka school books into Portuguese. She’s been there as a teacher for 15 years, and the results are evident in the children.

  2. Dan.w says:

    I know there are some godly men and women in politics.Thank God when they stand up.I also know many christians are praying.I do see one thing that is troubling however….that being that so many true believers are afraid to witness or tell someone about Jesus.I truly believe this to be at the heart of it,as if we don’t spiritually reproduce,i.e.make the Gospel and salvation known to unbelievers,the ungodly wins them to the other side.We become a smaller group,and if we don’t tell them the truth,they will believe the lies they are told.Where they spend eternity should shock us out of our fear of rejection.If we don’t tell them the truth,what makes us think someone else will?How can we keep this good news to ourselves,when someone else stepped out of their comfort zone to tell us?If you are afraid,just try it…you will find it gets easier each time,and knowing a soul has heard the Gospel takes the load off because we did what we are called to do.God bless each one out there.