Black Nazis Terrorizes Jews In New York

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  1. dan.w says:

    I personally don’t see the liberal Jews becoming republican.Liberalism is a party of creates nothing but chaos,and is not designed to be good or constructive in any way.Short of a ‘Jesus’ moment,I believe they will follow it their hurt.There is nothing sane or rational in liberaism/marxism/communism.This is a ‘heart issue’.You can tell some people..Your brakes are out!!!,but they still throttle on to the cliff,all the while cursing you out like it’s your fault…If by chance,they survive the fall,then they will sue you because you scared them again,your fault.No,until each person,Jew or Gentile takes ownership of their own sin,and takes it to the Lord..they will blame others and sound reason will usually escape them.We are just about at the point where Jesus has said,Your own enemies will be in your own house.I take that as possibly,One believes God,one don’t.Almost sounds like dem/vs/republican.They couldn’t be further apart in principle,reason,or stated goal.Just like rats that eat rat poison,because [Hey]..its mostly food!!,so pragmatism and self are the gods of the lost person..who cannot see two inches in front of himself because sin can make one that blind.Jesus also made a statement..How I would have gathered you as a hen gathers her chicks..but you would not…therefore,your house is left to you desolate…You will not see me again until you say…Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.Until God opens their eyes..they remain blind to truth and any sense of reason.That go’s for anyone….

  2. dan.w says:

    As an addendum to my previous post.It’s my belief that the hard core left,[which includes anything/or one who hate’s the God of the Bible],want’s our country to fall.They are pulling no punch’s,and pulling out all their dirty trick’s.They have the mainstream media,education,at least half the population,billionaire globalist’s,illegal’ name it.Psalm 2 show’s us all nation’s will come against Israel.We are close to if not over a tipping point.When our country become’s [a second class power],or not relevant any more..which the ‘left’ is bent on doing to us..the Jew’s will then be ‘drawn’ to Israel by the Lord.I believe the rapture will have just proceeded it.When the Jew is in her land,then know it won’t be much longer for this time in history.The Third temple will be built,sacrifices instituted,then the temple will be desecrated by one who demand’s total worship.The Jew’s will finally realize they’ve been had,and will cry out to the Lord for deliverance…Back to us,here,now.The ‘left’ is trying hard to demonize,marginalize,and target us..strip us of our right’s of free speech and self defense…If that happen’s,America for all practical purpose’s…no longer exist’s.Sobering thought….Until God open’s their eye’s. [the Jew’s].they remain,[for the most part]…blinded..liberal,secular.When they stop warring against God,and come back to Him,and believe Him again…He will again be their sword and shield..a Holy fire no one can stand against…He has never given up on them..and no one take’s their rightful place…..God is faithful.

  3. dan.w says:

    You are very welcome..God bless all you do…Father God,give favor to brother John in all area’s of the ministry You have entrusted to him..In Jesus Name…Amen.