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Hard Left Dems Going Communist/Muslim

The Dems created these political monsters and now they are devouring them! The Dem Party is being turned into the Communist Party linked with Muslims. The Dem Party of Pelosi and Schumer is fast dying being replaced by the Communists.

Warning Warning Warning: Hard Left Fascism out in the Open

The war is now out in the open for all to see. This week is huge in American history. The media is going to shut down all opposition to the Hard Left message, and they started the process. I’ve warned they were Fascists and here it is. Part of the definition of Fascism it to control all media and destroy all opposition. They are moving to take down America, and it is OUT IN THE OPEN.

“Holy Fire” Burns California

This really is shocking because the name is so appropriate. The massive fire burning south of Los Angeles was named HOLY FIRE!!! I have no idea of how it was named Holy Fire, but it is fitting because of the sin of this state. When I write like, some people are offended and don’t think that God is judging, and all we should do is pray. Now praying is very important, but we have to realize that there is a time for God to judge.

North Korea Begins Tests to Load Anthrax Onto ICBMs, Report Says

There is no let up from the war rhetoric coming from Kim and President Trump. The United Nation’s sanctions are starting to really hit the NK economy. In the mean time, Kim is preparing his chemical and biological weapons for war. It appears that to gain the advantage over NK, the US will need a huge first strike. This is a big gamble, but Kim can’t be allowed the time to fire missiles loaded with all these types of WMD!

Palm Springs Becomes First City Council in Nation to Be All Homosexual, Bisexual or Transgender

Although President Trump is doing many wonderful things, like recognizing as the capital of Israel, there are termites eating away at the core of America. The homosexual agenda with all its spin offs, like transgendered, is operating at full speed with no letup in sight. If this is unchecked it will bring society down.