“Holy Fire” Burns California

5 Responses

  1. DanW says:

    It is sad to watch…and..usually what happens in California eventually makes it’s way eastward.This is a somber warning to all of us that the Lord still ‘visit’s’ iniquity,or the purveyer’s of it.We must,each of us as believer’s need to keep short account’s with God.It isn’t looking good for California…My state has a lot of it’s ‘less redeeming directive’s and though-less processes’ as well.We know from the Bible what happen’s to a land or nation which ‘kick’s God out of it’.Thank’s for the update brother John.

  2. DanW says:

    I believe these fires are precursers for ‘a coming attraction’ if we don’t repent with Godly sorrow,and come back to the Lord.Christian persecution is at its highest right now,all around the world.We in America have been complacent and at relative ease…but how long can that last?We need to ‘pray up’ now.

  3. Patrick says:

    Certain sins the bible says even the land will vomit you out. Wake up

  4. Ron says:

    Hello Brother John,
    I live in Lewiston California just 15 miles west of where the Carr Fire started ,we were evacuated for eleven days, the fire was a half a mile east and 1.5 miles north of our little town of 1500 people. Our church has about a 100 members, we have home bible studies and weekly bible studies at the church and the bible is taught verse by verse , and most of all we are a praying church, sin , fear of the Lord, repentance are always taught. I know in my heart with all the crazy winds we have been having up here that Lord Jesus Christ heard the payers of the body of Christ and moved the winds away from our homes. The last verse that I heard was taste and see that the Lord is Good. Thank you Lord Jesus for saving our home, you get all the Praise and Glory. Amen. Please pray for Redding ca it looks like a atomic bomb went off and the smoke is still very thick.