Chicago Threatens to Close, ‘Destroy’ Pentecostal Church

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  1. dan.w says:

    The commie governors are like the so called protesters in Minn….not wanting truth or lawful justice,but taking every chance to cause chaos and destroy things.Why is it they burn down and loot car parts businesses every time they don’t get their way.Yes,the cop was a bad cop…but that guy represents satan,not our real law enforcement.The devil is stirring the pot,going for a ‘race war’,which in reality is race baiting.Racism is at it’s root,evolutionist..not Biblical.We are nations,not races.Divide and conquer…devils strategy….Why do people want to ‘destroy’their own house?..because that’s one of islam’s tennet’s..and they are succeeding because of our ignorance of our enemy.They are using antifa and black lives matter and willfully ignorant liberals to carry the ball for them.As re; churches being bullied by the state.STAND UP church.God is the higher Authority.Obey man UNTIL they disobey God,then part way’s and follow God…Alway’s.There are Biblical way’s to obey government..and there are times to not comply with evil.Government doe’s not own the Church.God own’s government as He instituted it first.They are responsible to Him,not the other way around.Stand up Christian,Hold the line and say…no further do you cross.Impore God the Father to act on our behalf for the Gospel’s sake.Christ commanded us to stand.

  2. dan.w says:

    I have a sister in-law who lives in Minn.She heard ‘white power groups were involved’…of course she’s wrong.Her brain is steeped in liberalism.The signs could say black lives matter..and it would be a conservative/christians fault.George Soro’s is stirring the pot so Trump won’t get elected…It is always one crisis,[engineered].after another.The left/muzzies/commies/homo’s..hate us and true freedom.They hate God.They want to crash and burn everything because their minds have been sucked out of them in public schools,all universities,major moldy media,by inclusiveness etc.If real America won’t rise to kill the head of the snake…we will be it’s food.I agree with Trump…looters should be shot..on sight.One or two and they would go back home.They are NOT protesters.Protesters are peaceful and carry signs.Looters/criminals carry matches and use them.Vermin need to be done away with.Period.No cop,governor can save you.If you are not street smart and up on whats going will be toast.Do NOT drive into a crowd…Turn around and live.Stay out of cities if you can.Pray up.

  3. dan.w says:

    Hope you are John..with all the ‘stuff’ going on.

  4. dan.w says:

    Good..Brother John..have you heard of acronym..that encompasses the multitude of ‘splinter groups’ like black lives matter,antifa,and many more who are working in concert to burn America down?Brannon Howse of Worldviewweekend had a radio show on it today on WVCY in milwaukee at 1pm.I highly recommend you listen to it on archive if possible.They cover what we as Christians need to know.. what we are up against,if we want to save our country.They expose a very large mode of operations,[some 40 pages] long of these characters.It is crafted very well.The ‘foot soldiers’ that are now torching and looting our country are doing it at the bidding of some very evil higher ups.They have brought together various groups united in our demise.We need to get up to speed if we are to stop these thugs from bringing us to a place we cannot come back from.The owner of BET,Black entertainment has openly stated he wants us to foot 14 trillion dollars reparations for something done,[not by us] to people who were not yet born.I call it white guilt.The one worlders are getting impatient with us christians…you can see it.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I’m on the way home. You will shocked about what information I’m exposing to take these criminal demoncrats head on. I’m so excited about this.

  5. dan.w says:

    Great…Lets shut these turkeys down.