China tests ballistic missiles with the longest range in the world, capable of striking US or Britain with TEN nuclear warheads

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  1. Dan.w says:

    The Lord has opened up His ‘toolbox’,and has shown us what He may use.He would rather we repent as believers,as nations,and as reprobates.Nineveh experienced full scale repentance,ashes and sackcloth,right down to the animals,and this from a violent and base culture…it bought them a little more time.Even the prophet was not doing it with the right heart,but the Lord was merciful.I won’t say I know what God’s next move is,but it should be of utmost importance to us,to soulwin in this late hour.After the catching away of the bride,[us],that door will be closed.When you smell smoke,you know theres a fire…just so,when you can almost hear the ‘hoofbeats’,you know it’s very,very.late……..God bless. and thanks brother John.