Constitutional Crisis Ahead: What Happens If Hillary Dies In The Next Two Months?

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  1. Dan.w says:

    Yes,we must pray hard.The ‘elites’ do not take to losing very easily.Father God,I pray you are glorified and the name of Christ exalted.Expose the lies fraud and evil and set it back in their faces.Crush the liestream media’s hold on information and let truth prevail.Make every plan of the serpent be a deadly wieght around it’s slithery neck.Bring down evil stronghold’s everywhere and embolden your saint’ Christ name I ask….Amen.

  2. Mary Ann says:

    CNN bought the copyright to the Hilly mishap for 50,000 from a man who had already released the short snip on twitter.. Possibly this is why they are blocking them on you tube.. There is a government group that will begin editing all news in the media.. they claim it is to stamp out “fake news” that hits social media outlets.. so they will be in charge soon.. any news considered “fake” will be blacked out.. but who decides?
    God Bless..

  3. George says:

    How in the world is she going to do in the debates, if seizures are triggered by overstimulation and stress?

  4. Dan.w says:

    From all I’ve seen,though I’m not a doctor,Hillary has all the signs of subcortical vascular dementia,and that appears to be fast and fatal.She must have a medical person at her side at all times,drugged up,so she can ‘appear normal,and ‘appear to function’.I believe she is a goner.Question is;who or what is going to take her place..we have to realize there is alot going on behind the scenes to continue [at break neck speed],the continued deconstruction of our country.God is in this as ,I believe,a serious wake up call to the real church and nation,and be very sure the libs,marxists,socialists,false religionists,occultists,new agers,muslims,homosexual and sexual deviants feel this is their time,and are emboldened and up to the task of taking us Christians down.Every body…pray hard.Real hard.

    • Georgann Ryan says:

      Yes Dan – we have to pray fervently – and please spread the article far and wide because people need to know what may be as stake.

  5. Dan.w says:

    I try to reach people,only some Christians care,many are cultural in nature and hide there heads like nothing is happening.Most of my,yours as well I’m sure, relatives are very far left,hate the real God,His Christ,Israel,etc.I sense a ramping up,if you will of spiritual warfare as we are in their crosshairs.I don’t fear,and hopefully I don’t spread fear,but we must be fully informed of truth in order to make sound decisions.I see the Lord moving forward with His program,and He will use good men or evil men to perform His work.We are safe in the Lord Jesus.

    • Georgann Ryan says:

      John is on the road preaching again, so you’re stuck with my Comments & replies, Dan. I have no living relatives except a cousin – maybe the first person I led to the Lord in the 70’s and he’s a senior editor at a Christian publishing house today. Audie shares my opinions, as you know (except for catching geese & bunnies – chasing is fine though) so there’s no conflict at home to distract me! But I shouldn’t joke about this really; people are lost and our country is all but lost because people don’t want the unpleasantness of pulling their heads out of the sand. We have to repent on their behalf and beseech the Lord for more time to reach them, then get back to waking & warning. John & I were talking the other day about what else is more important to do with the time we have left in this reality, when only what we do for the Kingdom & how close we draw to Christ will matter eventually. But you obviously feel the same. Thanks for your comments & keep going, no matter how stiff-necked those around you may be. God bless.

  6. Dan.w says:

    Very recently I was at a 1 year olds birthday party,a relative in-law who hates God quipped in front of other relatives..’Yeah,God talked to me and He said’….Before I could even think,my serious reply was…..oh,He talks to you too?….Everybody shut up.Somehow the subject changed. God bless you all,Dan.w

  7. Dan.w says:

    Well you’ve got me for a brother so I guess you have one more living relative,I think..let me check my pulse…yeah,I’m here.

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