Farrakhan-Linked Group to Lead National School Walkout March 14 Against Guns

3 Responses

  1. danw says:

    Sadly,many,not all,but very many of Jewish lineage here in America and some elsewhere are Jew haters.What I mean is they want a two state solution,stand for the ‘palestinians’ which are a made up people group designed to cause the conflict’s we see now.I know of some who down play their heritage and want to ‘blend in’ with the ‘other nations’,or keep a low profile.To me,being Jewish is wonderful though fraught with many twist’s and turn’s.God has made them a very special people group who,whether saved or not,I do love.I’m just pointing out that the ‘blindness in part’ is still going on.The ‘liberal’ or progressive/commie/marxist mindset cannot square with Scripture,but is opposed at every turn.One day soon,the vise will squeeze on the Jew and on us as believer’s,as God’s people have been a target of the ‘horned one’ since day one.We must pray for all Jew’s every where and for each other.Lord God…Please place Your special favor and protection on every Jewish person everywhere…If they are lost,open their eye’s to You and Your eternal truth,and watch over and guide us Christian’s as well,Thank You in Jesus name…Amen.

  2. danw says:

    Meuller is a holdover from a previous administration,right?If this was any other administration,he would have been replaced,not left there to waste time and money.All administrations purge,for the most part,the previous personnel so that the present administration can forward it’s agenda or mandate.I’m stating the obvious,so why doe’s no one get it,[in this present administration]?No one,[save judicial watch,or Larry Klayman] care about the clinton or obama crimes…why is no one chasing them????,the real criminals…just wonderin?

  3. Ron says:

    “Why is no one chasing them?” I think there is an unspoken fear about going after the Clintons. Lots of talk, but they always walk.