Female athletes crushed by ‘women who were once men’

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  1. danw says:

    Even though’ Dr.pill’ got one right..I still say be very wary around him..His world view is extremely skewed and tainted by his super new age wife,etc.His solution is not Jesus Christ.As re;John Cain..as I call him,Called that one.He is Cain,but not able.Our new prez has got to step it up and get rid of ALL the NWO crowd,irrespective of party.He has only one shot at it,and time is not his friend.As Europe goe’s we shall be 1 step behind.Our country,[in my view],has crossed the tipping point.We may have a small window,but it is closing fast.Child murder,[abortion],pedophilia,rampant and escalating hard drug use,..these are on the increase as the heart of man without God is only evil continually.Satan’s children will not just give these up.We need to pray hard with conviction and the Holy Spirit’s direction.As far as the ‘New man’ is being made into a woman…[yeah right],God is not mocked.The devil has always attacked God’s design of family,and male/female distinctions.It is,in reality a seed war.God’s seed V.S. satan’s seed,first found in Genesis 3;15 and carried out throughout Scripture…right to the very end.God bless all of you in Christ.