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Australia: ‘Survivors have waited too long’: 4000 institutions named in sex abuse royal commission

In Australia, if 6500 came forward about the sex abuse, then the real number could be 50,000 or more. The reason these pedophile rings exist is that many of the abusers are in high positions of power and can block exposure and prosecution! What is it with power and sexually abusing children?
We know this is going on in America, but only through the Lord can these predator rings be cracked and the criminals brought to justice. Bringing down these pedophiles is all part of draining the DC swamp.

Female athletes crushed by ‘women who were once men’

Look at how the female gender is under attack. Men claiming to be females are pouring into female sports and taking over. These are men who “feel” like women, so to the Hard Left deluded mind think that they are women! Soon there will be no female sports, or certainly all the champions will be men. This delusion is now expanding at a rapid pace and will envelope the culture. It must have been like this in Sodom just before the Lord destroyed it.
You can see satan actively trying to destroy God’s creation. God created mankind, male and female, so satan wants to destroy the two separate genders.

#PedoGate: Elite Government Pedophile Ring Exposed by Dr. Phil on Mainstream TV

This is a truly horrific story that seems almost unbelievable. But for those who closely follow these crimes against children, it confirms reports that have been leaking out for years from numerous sources. Aside from that, Dr. Phil has backed this story after a lengthy investigation by his team, and his reputation alone is enough to give this credibility…
It will cause revulsion, and rightly so, if anyone has a heart at all for God, his Word or the children who are being victimized.
But if we’re not aware of how deep this sickness and corruption runs, then we’re not in a position to oppose it in any way we can, including prayer that God will pour out his justice and mercy for the victims. That’s why it’s the only subject covered in this post, because it’s so important.