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  1. garylthmp says:

    Maybe it is not that incredible that the elder Mateen met with our government, after hearing some of the speculations of Theodore Shoebat on why the government apparently didn’t act on his warnings, after he gave advance warning to the FBI that the attack was coming ( http://shoebat.com/2016/06/09/major-muslim-terrorists-makes-this-declaration-to-all-americans-we-are-coming-after-you-we-will-attack-florida-and-slaughter-americans-there/ ). What I find really curious about the left seizing on this attack as a pretext for pushing gun control is that this terrorist was not a mere citizen, but was authorized to be armed as a contractor to Obama’s own Homeland Security! From a logical point of view, that would seem to make the mass shooting more of an argument for arming the citizenry and disarming Obama and his crowd as the real threat!

    By the way I do not agree with Shoebat’s stance on homosexuals, as the death penalty prescribed in the Bible was due to Yahweh choosing to tabernacle with Israel, which meant special measures to keep a holy God from consuming the entire congregation of Israel, and the different situation of the Church taking the gospel into the gentile nations unto the ends of the earth. That is not to say the New Testament does not make it clear that homosexuality is characteristic of the final stages of descent into total depravity (Romans), and that no one engaging in such can enter the kingdom of God. However, Paul makes it clear that people have come out homosexual practice after being presented with the gospel. Again, though, I believe there is a distinction between homosexual (a person battling against those tendencies) and gay (totaling embracing the practice). I think that society has the right to protect itself from any violence and totalitarian oppression that arises out of the latter (anyone reading http://freedomoutpost.com/lgbt-islamophilia-explained/ and all of its connecting links will gain valuable insight not only into the mindset of LGBT, but also of its parallels to other totalitarian movements like Islam and Communism, and of the nature of totalitarianism itself.