Frankfurt, Germany, Makes History by Being First City Where Natives Are Minority

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  1. danw says:

    I could be wrong,..but unfortunately the ‘liberal mindset knows no borders.’.They are God hater to the core.It matters not which country they reside in,they want the opposite of anything Holy,just and Godly.America… in such a place.We have spit on all that is Godly,[as a nation]..for a very long time.God’s timepiece may move very slowly,or appear to move quickly…that said,I believe we are right on Europes heels as far as being overrun by islam.Its coming folks.Yes,we have believers here,patriots as well…but,we are a minority in our own country.The tentacles of evil are in place,in govt.,in every sphere of our society.If we had a list of who is islamic and holds either high position or pursestrings here,you would be shocked and saddened.My personal belief is islam,not secularism is the greater danger.Their god IS satan.Ours is Jesus Christ…Secularism has many gods,but none so bent on using the sword as islam.When muslims ‘do the hadj’,they walk around a big black rock.Our Rock is pure,there is no blackness in Him,and instead of us circling Him,He encircles us with His protection,love,and care.God is still using America,for His purposes…but that dosn’t always mean we will be ‘unscathed’ by secularism,..or islam.We do well to pray often,with pure intent and purpose,and to reach the lost every time you can…and to bless Israel.May the Lord bless each of you.