Hard Left Psychiatrist: Trump’s ‘mental impairment’ a ‘state of emergency’

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  1. danw says:

    I work for a lot of lib’s and some psych’s…let me tell you,while on the surface they may appear fine,just beyond that,they are,for the most part,seething in total hatred for God,His Christ,any and all law’s that smack of truth and righteousness.They are four square against us.We must be wary of them as they embody a total reprobate mind and have been completely given over to the evil one.I see it coming like a ‘freight train’ at us.This is the Lord’s battle…we cannot win this flesh vs flesh.It is a spiritual battle of epic size.Many Christian’s have been sidelined with sin issue’s,being ignorant of satan’s trickery.I see it every day.They are defeated and familie’s are in ruin’s because they ‘went for the rat bait’.The Lord and satan are both fisher’s of men.One to eternal life,one to perdition and eternal damnation,because along with ‘fishers of men comes fishers of mens souls.We need the relationship Christ offers and provides,not the ‘religion’..a false substitute that leads to Hell.Those without the Holy Spirit living on the inside are unable to tell the difference,and that makes ‘religion’ satans ace card.