How Democrats Brought a Muslim Child Molester to America

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  1. danw says:

    The ‘mind’ if you could call it that,of a one of insanity.I know thats what they say about us..but I believe God rather than man.Liberalism is a religion,because a person in that ‘mindset’ will usually follow it through until its final conclusion…..sounds like religion to me.We who have trusted Christ as our all don’t have religion..we have the person of Christ.Jesus didn’t die to give us religion..He set us free…from our sin and the full blown penalty of it..which requires death to us.Now the ‘left’ wants to [reinstate] this death penalty…because they believe they are God,and have right to mete it out.They are now under the heavy hand of God.I thank the Lord He hears and answers my prayers.It seems if I post a prayer in line with His will,the next day or so,I see it in the headlines as answered prayer.Lets see a budha or allah do that.They cannot.Period.All praise to Christ,our Lord and Savior.

  2. danw says:

    You are welcome,brother John.Hope all is well in [McTernanland].I thank God daily that you have real news and not fluffy gets a new collar…Nothing wrong with fluffy or the collar,but you know what I mean.Fakestream media is like the cartoon recently on your site,with the toilet pumping into the T.V set.There is no real news anymore on major networks…They have all become ‘orwellian mouthpieces for satan’…just like 1984.May Christ continue to bless you,your family,Georgann and her family as well…pets too..they are family as well.