How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency

5 Responses

  1. Diana says:

    May the Lord not tarry.

  2. danw says:

    I remember ‘Barry’…laughing and smiling about what he will do after leaving office.[He never really left].He has his plants in every sphere of our govt.,and it would behoove President Trump to identify,locate and remove these ‘waiting to go off moles’ASAP.Many,many of them took oath under the koran,many others hate the U.S.,and are in place,to hasten America’s downfall.I say smear em with pig grease and fly them over a non english speaking hardline muslim country,[with soro’s too],and let them chute to the waiting arms of their beloved saviors…where they will be received with much joy.Also,I believe if liberals don’t want us to have [a wall],then,they should not have a front and back door on their houses.Let who ever just come and go as they please.If our country can’t have secure borders,neither should they.

  3. danw says:

    I almost wrote an apology..but then I thought..just speaking truth.On that vain though,so no one thinks I’m mean spirited…here’s a ‘poem’? I’m like the stain on your collar,but you don’t own a shirt,or a bug in your garden,when your stirring up the dirt.Like a scratch on your lens,not so very nice,or a big ‘ol’wart on the nose of the bride of Christ.Some may like my pun’s,other’s hate my post’s,and say he’s not too Christian,please put your mouth in coast.But I say,God’s not done yet,so I’m getting back on the table,so He can finish the operation,I know that He is able.No,I’m no foot,hand or eye,there are enough of those,I’m o.k. being ‘wart’…I’m right here,on the nose.Some day soon,I’ll be a ‘beauty mole’,on a finished bride,until then please pray for me,and my mangee hide.

  4. danw says:

    You have to wonder..what will[can] Trump do with this very real shadow govt.right under his nose.Is this a agitate to the point of conflict Saul Alinsky playbook move?Satan is trying really hard to beat God at this heavenly chess match.Those ‘troops’ Barry conscripted early in his ‘career’..are they waiting for word?in my city,the black panthers are skulking around in groups with ak47s and such,trying to make a different narrative with our police chief.There is a huge segment of the population that are ‘as it were..’waiting for their next move..they do not appear to have patience or reason in their list of character trait’s…but ,as the manchurian candidate,await their ‘call’.We do well to assail Heaven’s gate’s with imprecatory prayer’s,that nothing be hid from the Lord,or us.Lord God…please make manifest,the enemie’s plan’s.Let them all fail,and cave in on themselve’s.Let confusion fill their camp unto the point of they take themselve’s and their minion’s out,and not us…in Jesus name I ask ..Amen.