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“Where Are Your Jews?” Muslim Countries Accusing Israel of Apartheid Asked

This is a great article bringing to light what the Muslims did to the Jews up to the present time. There are virtually no Jews living in these nations! At one time these nations were teeming with Jews.
What they accused Israel of doing is exactly what they did to the Jews! This is real Islam in action. It is a brutal ideology that in the name of allah wants to exterminate or subdue the infidel! With any knowledge of history, it is easy to see this. When they are all set in Europe, they will move to exterminate the Europeans or force them to submit to Sharia law. Right now the Europeans are in the process of surrendering to Islam by their own free will.

Sweden is a rogue state under God’s judgment

Since last Friday when the President pointed out what a disaster the Muslims are in Sweden, the reports of this disaster now are nonstop. At first, the mainstream media (MSM) tried to attack the President and even the Swedish government attacked him, but the Swedish disaster is now out in the open for the entire world to see.
If you’ll remember, I wrote that God was going to make an example of Sweden because it was leading the European charge against Israel. Their hatred for the Jews and Israel was out in the open, while at the very same time the Muslims were pouring into Sweden! This was no coincidence; the Muslims were sent by the Lord as judgment according to his word. Sweden is now getting its reward.

How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency

There was NEVER any doubt in my mind that Obama would try and set up a Fifth Column against America and eventually lead it. He hates America and wants it weakened, so it can be brought into their one world system.
Of course, George Soros is also part of this and I am sure that both of them work together. What they are doing is trying to set the stage for the antichrist. I believe that they don’t have knowledge of this, but it is what they are trying to do.

URGENT! Harvard Says Treat Conservative Christians Like Nazi War Criminals

This should be a wake-up call to the Church. When those of the Hard Left are in positions of power and influence, and they begin to demand that the government treat conservative Christians like Nazi war criminals, it’s apparent that there is more than a “culture war” occurring. This is a REAL spiritual war and the Church plays along or ignores this at its peril.
We’ve been warning for a long time that this is coming. Because it’s a spiritual problem, why isn’t the Church pulling together, getting on its collective face before God in repentance and crying out for a move of God’s Spirit? Yet most seem more interested in getting by day-to-day rather than addressing the deep spiritual problems and getting their own hearts right, so they can be salt and light in the culture. That was the same reaction the Jews had in Nazi Germany before the Holocaust, that it would blow over. Will we be equally blind and suffer the same fate?
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