Sweden is a rogue state under God’s judgment

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  1. danw says:

    Alot of my in-laws are rabid islamapologists.They are radical don’t hold back marxist/socialists who despise Jews and Christianity,and I can see them ramp up,lockstep with everything the world promotes and God hates.This is repeated family after family,the world over.This is more than mere culture war.We have been here from inception and,like it or not,are seeing it played out for real,in our lives and generation.These reprobates would kill God if they could..but we are an easier target.Evil has truly been unleashed on a huge scale.Nation after nation are soon to fold under islam,because they refused the One true God.In [my] city,carjackings were 519 this year.No,those are not car thefts…car jackings.People have no morals or moral restraint.You just have to know…Jesus could come back any time.What would it be like if He didn’t?