Ilhan Omar Posts Video Preaching Islam in Church, Gives Thanks to Allah and Progressive Movement

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  1. dan.w says:

    Illhan looks like she was about to speak,when Voila!..someone unplugged her brain.Yes folks..Amerika is on her last legs when ‘church’ after ‘church’ put homsexuals and muslims and religionists and baby killers out there to fill the plate.Thank God we KNOW what constitutes a real Church…Blood bought saints…not satan wannabe’s….Smokin Joe can’t even string one coherent sentence together..he must have had american motors cars..’Cause he’s a rambler’…He need’s to be watched…like’s kid’s TOOOOO much.More than pizza,so I hear.My prayer….and yes,He hear’s them Nancy……is..Lord God,bust WIDE OPEN the deep state.Take no prisoner’s…Show no mercy…Protect MY president,and all who love righteousness,and…show the door to Hell to the wicked and those refuse to repent and bow the knee to You.If people can cheer for a grown man running in his jammie’s across the field in front of million’s…to catch the praise of men,and perhap’s the errant inflatable pig bladder……then why cannot I,a natural born citizen,unlike barry s…show my deep love and gratitude to my Lord…Jesus Christ…not the swear word..but the other one.[LIVING WORD]….and the people said…Ahhhhhmen.