Image of Joseph Stalin: Incoming NY AG Promises to Target, Destroy Trump-Family

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  1. dan.w says:

    The ‘dems’..are really a party of death,hell and destruction.Rino’s should also walk the ‘plank’ with them.They are one and the same.Murderers and sellout’s..the lot of them.We as Christian’s can [fill the vacuum] we left the socialist’s to..and ‘take it to them’ by getting the Gospel out even in our own land.However the Lord lead’s,we can follow.In order to have revival here,we need to get Jesus message of Hope to the every day person here.As I take my Jesus DVD’s out in to the world to give away…I have had,for the most part..a very receptive welcome when handing them out.I don’t blanket an area..but let the Lord lead me to the one’s to give it to..and wait for His word’s..If each of us who are not presently engaging the culture would ask the Lord what He would have them do..then act on it..maybe our ‘ship’ may not sink for a while longer.We say we want revival..but our action’s,or lack of them speak the truth.If we fear man more than God..we are practical ‘Idol worshipper’s’..because we fear the creature over the Creator.I believe in ‘wooing’ the lost with make them at least consider God and His Salvation,[Christ]..before blindly just going their way to eternal damnation.We..[The Church].need a swift’s that for a Merry Christmas!!..because we received the gift of eternal to us..cost everything to Jesus..and most of us won’t shake off the lethargy of cultural get to the basic root of the problem….[US]…..America is where it is,because we were AWOL in Jesus last command’s to reach the lost and make disciple’s of all nation’s…were we listening..or just having our ear’s tickled.I have not come to comfort the afflicted..but to afflict the comfortable…Or as the ‘sage’ Johnny Carson could have said…May the flea’s from a thousand camel’s infest your recliner chair.You don’t need a ‘new chair’..or train the flea’s..Ask the Lord…Lord..What will You have me to do? God bless all of you..even the one’s blessing me now….If we lose America…it will not be because evil took over…It will be because we let it.

  2. dan.w says:

    Just like when president Kennedy had the showdown with the Cuban missile we go again.We have N.K. sattelites pass directly over our country 2 times a day with an intentional ‘blindspot’ built in so we are at a disadvantage if they are EMP equipped.We have enemie’s abroad and in our country…Ya just gotta know…Jesus coming for His own is so very close.Thanks for all the updates brother John..and also for reaching the lost in other land’s…God is moving and growing His Church.Thank you to all the faithful living saint’s who go out of their way..because they know it’s a true labor of love to throw the life rope out to the other’s have done for us.Thank You Jesus..for saving us…inspite of ourselves.