Impeachment Fever

3 Responses

  1. danw says:

    As an ‘artist’,I must say that the embryo jewelry shows just how sick and in line for god’s perfect judgment this world has become.This is not artistic licence,but grossness on a scale that defies any sort of reason or compassion.Humans or embryonic humans,are not toys to be manipulated,hung on a body as ‘art’,or misused in any way.These people,though embryo’s,are fully human,just as we are.Surely good and mercy will not follow these sicko’s…all the crooked days of their lives.Fuel for the fire is their highest hope,unless they repent and come to a saving knowledge of Christ.

  2. danw says:

    As re;the culture war…We are really in a ‘civil war’…only most people have their heads so deep,they see or sense nothing.Brannon Howse on his radio show talked of this same thing.We are primed and overripe for God’s judgment.We are not far off,in fact it’s happening right now with ever increasing momentum.The whole world is in a state of semi-hypnosis and complete denial.They have been conditioned over 2 to 3 generations,via media.Look at the [concerted] efforts to pull Trump down.Tell me there is no conspiracy.The One Worlders hate him to the core.Thank you Father God for Donald Trump,warts and all.Use him mightily as a new arrow pure and straight in your quiver….Amen.

  3. Jackie says:

    Just as Christians prayed and asked GOD to hear our prayers last Nov. we need to continue to pray and ask for His protection for President Trump.
    I, as well as so many others, seem to be growing weary of all of the attacks on this man.

    Over the weekend I started reading the book Tramp for the Lord by Corrie ten Boom. In it she said that many times when she was in other countries and even in America she felt a “tiredness” coming over her.

    She said that she had learned that in a country where a godless philosophy reigns, that only by claiming the blood of Jesus can you stand and not fall. She went on to say, “Now I know it simply means that I am in a place where satan rules.”
    I think this book was written over 40 yrs ago and things are so much worse.

    I believe if there ever was a time for believers to unite in prayer, Bible reading and witnessing it is now. We need to be able to draw on one another’s strength to keep from being trampled down by the deceiver and his minnons.