Kent State student group hosts panel asking ‘Is Christianity the white man’s religion?

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  1. danw says:

    Thank you for the updates brother John…Today,I went with my wife…reluctantly…to stand in a long line,[hate lines],to get a shot at some ‘discounted family vacation spot tickets’for some of our out of town family members.To make a long story short,when we finally get to the ‘ticket spot’,a young radio station employee says..[hold out your right hand]…She had a marker she would be using later to X it…..Without even a pre-thought,I held out my left one,she said right hand!…I said,no,I never put anything on my right hand…she looked stunned or something,..I know its just a trial run…but just wanted to show how fast this can happen,how far we have come,and how close we really are.It may not have been three sixes..but I wonder how many right hands got ‘marked’ today..By the way..could cains mark have been an X?…….I will be in constant prayer of agreement with you and our Church family here about our beat back the tide of evil.

  2. danw says:

    Oops..short story got longer…When we got home I showed my wife in the book of Revelation about the ‘mark’,and read it…telling her I will never,ever take one on the right hand,and told her why…God bless.