Lutheran, Episcopal and United Church of Christ Clergy: “We Stand With Planned Parenthood” Abortion Biz

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  1. danw says:

    I love the prayer attributed to St.Patrick.As far as the ‘women pastorette’s go’…no such thing.God will use real women to lead when real men are in short supply.God bless the Godly woman,where ever she may be found.The rough and course women,[and man too],shall have their reward not by the lake..but in the lake that burns with pitch,eternally,unless they repent and turn to Christ for a full pardon and forgiveness.Homosexuality and baby murder only pleases satan,but infuriates a Holy God whose judgment will one day soon overtake mercy and patience.We have had plenty of time to ‘mend our evil ways’.God is not mocked..we reap what we sow.God bless on the great real news articles.P.S.the Donald should distance himself from FOX NEWS,..because tons of compromise in the form of muslim money has bought and paid for FOX,many times over.There are chickens in that henhouse…I know as fact.The fact made itself known as the Don was using them as a source,then they distanced themselves from him to leave him to twist in the wind…this..was by design.