MSNBC Guests ‘We Have to Start Calling Trump’s Supporters Racists As Well’ (VIDEO)

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  1. dan.w says:

    The ‘lefts’ playbook is from saul alinsky,among others…Do something evil,then blame the other side.It’s transferring of blame to make the other guy look bad.If you want to know what the ‘game is’..then look at the playbook.Satan ‘s calling card gives him away,Death,Hell,destruction.God’s people are for life,Heaven and creation.These wicked people are called by major lying media..white supremist,nationalist,sometimes Christian,against immigration,racist.No…racism is an outcropping of the evolution mindset.Globalism is too.What we are really fighting is a smear campaign by satan,his toad’s..and major media.Socialism is right around the corner,licking it’s putrid chop’s at our soon demise of freedom of speech,[for us]..not them..the right,[responsibility] for self defense..for us…not them,property ownership for us..not them..heck the whole constitution,and religious freedom of worship and conscience…for us..not them.We ARE in a spiritual battle for the soul of individuals and our nation.We are destined to wear a ‘star’ like the jews did before being slaughtered..because we refuse to discern the signs of the times,don’t listen or learn from history,don’t believe God..and don’t take Him seriously or read His word…My estimation is that 1%-2 at the heavy lifting..the religious games…to our end.Real Christianity is fleshed out in life…not just watching Christian T.V…while not sharing Christ or His power to save.Yep…I’m back to the fishers of men thing.I’m not throwing a ‘guilt trip thing’..Oh.really??I just want to wake the sleepy saints and tell them…we ARE out of time…What did YOU do with your life as a bornagain believer???Did you tell ANYONE…about Jesus…At all???in your life???,Your family?,your friends?,..a stranger?..Anyone???Who else will tell them..if you don’t..and what will Christ say about the opportunities you let go..knowing you will never see this lost person again…and Hell may be his lot because ‘silence is golden’???