National Review Doubles Down: ‘Important to Say’ White Working Class Communities ‘Deserve to Die’

2 Responses

  1. patr says:

    I was a victim of hard left rage when I accidentally saw a,trending on Facebook and clicked on what I thought were reviews of the new movie God’s not Dead 2. There was such hatred for Christians. I stayed kind even though i was,attacked for saying I liked the movie. There is no tolerance any more for someone like me, Chrstian. I reminded them they were free to not believe, but I had the same freedom to believe. I was,told to go leave with my imaginary friend (Jesus). That the movie was offensive, etc…I left in peace, but shaken at their hatred

  2. Dan.w says:

    I,too,believe we as a nation are getting God’s final call.Franklin Graham has a good handle on it.Both parties reek like a refrigerator full of food that stopped working a month ago.To see from all fronts,but especially both[one] parties trying anything to shut out Trump say’s how entrenched the parties are in globalism,one worldism,secret society-elitism of the highest order.They are afraid.Afraid to lose the power they have so deftly held on to and wielded with careless ease.The Don is a monkey wrench in their[satan’s]plan…and they don’t like it.Other than Ben Carson,all the rest on both[one]sides play for the same team.I have said long and often,the two party system is a thin lie to keep the herd from revolting,believing they have a choice…….[not].Our votes may just be pretend,and if it won’t go the secret societies way,they will change it up until it doe’s.We all know the Lord has final say,but rules,like laws can and do change to fit satan’s agenda.God bless ya’all.