New 666 Surveillance Post – New “Listening” Movie: Entering the world of surveillance and mind control

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  1. Dan.w says:

    Wow……!Both video’s are very telling.I could only watch the first one until the order was given to take care of the dog.The second one was very informative,the narrator know’s his stuff,and seems well grounded.A side note.The swastika symbol is really 4 bent arm’s,just like the destroyer goddess Shiva,who oddly enough has,yes……four arms.Shiva,the destroyer is also a ‘protector’statue in from of the CERN office headquarters,Cern was dedicated to lucifer,by some of the ‘scientist’s’.They await and encourage [someone/thing to pass through the matrix].The vatican also has the world’s best/largest telescope out west,sharing it with NASA,that has an infrared telescope called lucifer,which looks for things out of our normal light spectrum.They await ‘visitors’and would forgive them if asked,or may even change catholic doctrine completely by their higher conscienced ‘space progenitors’.WE ARE there folks.Come Lord Jesus.

    • Georgann Ryan says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I posted a “spoiler” notice with the “Listening” clip that you may have missed, that the dog is not harmed because John had the same reaction – he could not watch any further after seeing that order. If you notice, in many posts I include pictures of my own best friend, Audie, and would be horrified if they shot the dog. I wouldn’t have used the video had that occurred, so you can safely go back and watch the rest if you choose (although there is other violence that occurs). You obviously have a good heart – anyone who loves dogs is okay! Both of the YouTube channels from which these came have good videos and linked websites to learn more about these types of topics.

      As to Shiva, yes, you’re clearly one of the few on top of what’s going on lately. I pray more people will have their eyes opened and begin to seek God about all of this; darkness is overtaking the land and most people don’t seem to notice. You might be interested in the 2 posts we did on CERN, available here: CERN: In the Year of Light, a Door to Darkness. Comments are welcome on them also – thanks again for reading (and hopefully sharing with others who need to know this)!

  2. Dan.w says:

    God bless you and you pet friends IP.You are a welcome addition to the ministry.Keep up the good work and love the stuffin out of your pet/friends.They do really love back and appreciate us humans.