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New 666 Surveillance Post: Digital Cash Tested by Wall Street in Secret Meeting

There are 9 articles and three videos in this 666 Surveillance System post, with two of them copied below, along with the Commentary.

We’ve known for years that a cashless society is coming, and there have been many indications recently that it’s very close – from biometric scans at grocery stores to the move toward cards with chips to implants in the human body. All of these technological advances are preparing us for a world without cash.

New 666 Surveillance Post – New “Listening” Movie: Entering the world of surveillance and mind control

We’ve long been aware that media is used as predictive programming, to prepare us for what the elite have planned for our future. In the film that we’re highlighting in this post, he name of the game is surveillance and control. This clip may be from a science fiction film, but it shows what’s really occurring behind the scenes. We’re being led into a 666 Surveillance System which will be totally controlling. As we’ve often noted before, there will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide once it’s fully implemented.