New active volcanoes around the world

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  1. Judy says:

    Earlier today I heard on the radio that the criminal Clinton was going to be speaking in Philly accepting the nomination for President. I looked up and said, “Lord please, send a really big storm and keep people from attending that demonic party.” One half hour later I heard on the same radio station that a freak storm hit the convention area and blew tents down, signs were dislodged and were hitting cars. I jumped up and ran into the house and told my husband what had just happened. He said, “why are you surprised? God answers prayer!”

    So, I will continue to pray for the soon return of our Lord and Savior. God does answer prayer.

  2. Dan.w says:

    Great post Judy.I just saw an endorsement by B.H.O. that Hillary can be trusted….I say,yep…she sure can fill body bag’s.Mr.Clinton recently remarked about two Clinton’s in the whitehouse Yeah,…we all need that.Not enough women got raped under his watch…How sad that the ‘average American hold’s up these people as something to aspire to.’..I hope and pray that Mr.Trump will be used of God,in a good way.I know we don’t deserve mercy,but we need it anyhow.His hard truth is what the Dr. ordered..[in my opinion].One last note.George Soro’s,I believe is Jewish….if so,why doe’s he stand against his fellow’s??,Also,I noticed that Soros spelled backwards is still Soros….Is there something more there?……………….God bless you all,God bless all Jew’s,everywhere.