Official Lutheran Church is really a Coven of Witches

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  1. dan.w says:

    Religion is an anathema to God.Religion is when Cain slew his brother..angry because he wanted it his way..not what God had required of him.Jesus was kind to the general public,but really hard on the religious crowd trying to supplant Him.Religion has it’s place..just read the book of Revelation…The one’s ‘cast out’ are those who thump their collective chest boasting of [Their works]…..Jesus rebuke of them is both swift,and fair.We can do nothing apart from Christ.We are an unclean thing before Him…until He comes and initiates HIS Salvation.It is ALL HIM…from start to finish.Paul the apostle understood full well that religion and our dependancy on that to satisfy a Holy God will never do that,only mark us as proud..and lost.Ditch your religion people.It will drag you to Hell itself.Trust fully in the finished work of Christ on the Cross.He said’It is finished!’..not…to be continued.Purgatory is a lie from Hell itself.He,[Christ] purged our sins already…just trust Him.He paid it all,people.He is more than enough.Remember..We are ALL sinners…just that those who trust Him are sinners saved by Grace…and that is ALL of HIM.

  2. dan.w says:

    There are only two roads..really.Either we worship the Creator,[Jesus]…or it’s creature worship.Look’s like goddess worship,[a.k.a] creature feature..has attempted to enter the sanctuary.This isn’t black and white bad grade B monster movie’s..this is the real deal..fresh off the press…from you know who…satan…the father of lie’s..and his toadie’s…..

    • ray says:

      You are correct Dan, modern America is sautéed in goddess-worship, breathes it as unconsciously as the air, very much like the old days in Canaan and in reprobate Israel and Judah. In America rebellion is couched in political terms, ‘feminism’. But it is the very spirit that inhabited Jezebel, make no mistake.

      A profitable comment, praise Jehovah and thank you.

  3. dan.w says:

    Thank you Ray,for your comment.Lord bless you as well.